Stephanie Larsen

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Stephanie Larsen is a Florida Licensed Psychologist at Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness. She has provided services to children, adolescents, and adults in the community over the last ten years. Dr. Larsen is currently the director of the anxiety treatment clinic within PBBHW and secondarily specializes in work with adolescents, treating self-injury, and providing psycho-educational testing. Dr. Larsen provides a warm and supportive environment to help individuals feel comfortable enough to make changes that they want to see in themselves. Due to her diverse background, Dr. Larsen has been able to hone the ability to integrate a warm, compassionate, accepting environment with evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral and exposure therapies. Because each individual presents with a diverse set of needs and challenges, Dr. Larsen finds it important to tailor her approach to effectively address each individual’s specific needs.

Dr. Larsen obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She has completed a wide range of rotations and practicum experiences which has shaped her clinical attitudes and practices. She also completed specific training in anxiety treatment including Generalized Anxiety, Phobias, Social Phobia, OCD, and performance/sport anxiety. Dr. Larsen completed her postdoctoral residency at Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness where she honed skills related to psycho-educational testing, treatment of anxiety, depression, and family therapy.  It was also during this experience where she decided that she would like to continue to pursue a career in private practice and in helping clients improve their lives. Dr. Larsen specifically created the anxiety clinic to provide specialized care for those individuals whose lives were being uprooted due to the consequences of anxiety, OCD symptoms, panic attacks and those that are currently using maladaptive coping skills such as self-harm. Dr. Larsen additionally is part of the clinical training team and offers supervision to post-doctoral residents. Dr. Larsen identifies the most rewarding aspect of her job being related to watching individuals improve, take charge, and learn to enjoy their lives again.

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