Morgan Thomas

Post-Doctoral Resident

Dr. Morgan Thomas, PsyD is a Post-Doctoral Resident at Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness. She conducts individual and family psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. She also offers psychological assessments for children, teens and adults.

Dr. Thomas practices an integrative model of therapy, where she combines psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems theories. She focuses on developing healthy coping strategies, gaining insight, and understanding family dynamics.

Dr. Thomas believes in the importance of diversity and representation within the therapeutic relationship. She strives to continue to gain cultural competence to help foster a safe, open, and trusting environment.

Dr. Thomas graduated from Spelman College where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology. She earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Adler University in Chicago. Lastly, she has experience working in the juvenile department of corrections, community mental health, inpatient-psychiatric hospitalization, in-home therapy, outpatient therapy, an adolescent residential facility, and a therapeutic Day School.

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