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Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness was a dream, long before its realization. Drs. Everson and Rials met one another in graduate school in Chicago, Illinois in 2005. Dr. Rials was even so kind to share her tiny office during her postdoctoral residency with Dr. Everson! In the end that was fate, as what would become PBBHW was dreamed up while the Doctors were sitting in the office, crouched around a tiny space heater in the Chicago winter.

Dreaming of warmer weather and making big plans for a wellness center that would help families as a whole, the beginnings of PBBHW were discussed. We wanted it to be a place families could come and have multiple services taken care of, where they would feel safe and loved, and be provided the best, most effective clinical care all at once. We aspired to partner with community professionals that had similar visions to align ourselves with positive, strong forces for our client’s benefit.

By 2009 Dr. Everson had moved to the Palm Beaches for her internship and fell in love with the community. It didn’t take long and a very quick visit from Dr. Rials to realize the time was right to make the dream a reality and PBBHW was officially born in 2011. We are blessed that every year since, we have grown in clients, staff and passion for helping the families in this community!

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